Our patients stay in SEH for an average of 25 days, and friends and family members often like to visit and see their lived ones. We encourage family members to visit regularly, and our visiting hours are kept open to allow loved ones to visit often. The love and support of family members is vital to recovery, and their supervision is actually appreciated. After all, our team members are healthcare professionals, but they are also sons and daughters, grandchildren and friends, spouses and siblings, and we are people who understand the human struggles that we all face.

Our family lounge is open to encourage visitation during the day, and sleeper sofas allow guests to spend the night. While we encourage people to sleep outside of the hospital, we do make arrangements to assist our family members when their proximity is vital. We hope to earn the respect of our patients’ family members so that they are comfortable in leaving their loved ones in our care.

Additionally, there are many hotels located close to the hospital to allow out of town guests to stay close to the medical center to remain a vital part of our treatment team as we work to ‘meet long term medical challenges one patient at a time.’ Our commitment is to ‘teamwork and communication,’ and family members and interested friends are part of our team.