Environment of Care

Sister Emmanuel Hospital is licensed for 29 beds to provide inpatient and outpatient services. Located on the 4th floor of a major medical center, our hospital is focused on providing an environment to facilitate clinical excellence, enhancing cleanliness, and minimizing the stress and strains of a prolonged hospitalization.


Our building was built in 1950, but in 2003, the Sister Emmanuel Hospital was completely renovated and clinically upgraded. Our patient rooms include private and semi-private accommodations. Each bed area meets Life Safety Code and has bedside monitors to capture clinical data. All rooms have computers for Electronic Medical Records and functionality such as Electronic Bedside Medication Verification. Semi-private rooms have privacy curtains. To optimize space, all rooms have flat screen televisions. We offer 4 types of specialty beds to meet individual needs, including those with different functions to provide varying patient requirements. Our beds have built-in scales to weigh patients and communicate directly to the nurse call system for communication and safety.

Patient/Family Lounge

Overlooking Biscayne Bay, the hospital has a patient and family lounge which offers an opportunity for patients and family members to gather to support one another while also providing a respite from the bedside. The lounge includes a soda and coffee machine, a large television, a table, a small indoor garden, and a variety of seating options to ensure comfort. Additionally, some sleeping accommodations for family members can be arranged during difficult moments to ensure access to your loved ones during critical times.


The hospital has a gym with several modalities, including a standing table, treatment tables, parallel bars, and other equipment to advance patient care and functionality.