The goal of Sister Emmanuel Hospital is to meet long term medical challenges one patient at a time. Our goal is to meet the needs of chronically ill people who have acute medical needs while focusing on the needs of the individual person and their family members. We provide services by our team, medical staff, and Care Partners.

A room with a view is good, but family support is better

The Sister Emmanuel Hospital team is committed to helping people to “embrace challenges” and advance the quality of their lives.

To better serve our community and the patients whom we serve, we have invested heavily in our environment of care. We believe in investing in our hospital, and ensuring that quality is available to put prioritize our mission: providing long term medical challenges. This helps us improve care, treatment and services while also focusing on quality, safety, and outcomes.

Our team consistently works to better serve, and we are constantly finding new and innovative ways to put into action opportunities that help improve our hospital and the people reflected in Sister Emmanuel’s commitment.

We own and rent specialty beds to meet individual patient needs, including our standard Hill-Rom products: VersaCare Bed, Total Care, SPORTS, Bariatric, and Clinitron. Our patients are sick, and we are committed to improving their lives while optimizing comfort and the healing benefits of specialized technology.

Our goal is to show respect for people while promoting mobility, and since we prioritize and assert the distinctive and intrinsic worth of each person, whether a patient or team member, we have invested in technology to aid our team to enhance while protecting patients and minimizing risks for patients.

Technology helps to promote efficiency and protection. Each bed is equipped with bedside computers to access information, alarms to enhance communication, and monitors to ensure prompt identification of patient changes. We deliver medications with the support of Electronic Bedside Medication Verification (EBMV) to promote efficiency, to optimize safety, and to protect our patients.

Our commitment is to create a group of dedicated individuals focused on ‘teamwork and communication’ as well as ‘embracing challenges.’

Whether through nurses delivering care at the bedside, a member of our environmental team focused on minimizing infection risks and enhancing our environment, or an administrative associate focused on the availability of efficient and effective supplies and equipment at the bedside, our dedication is to our community.

Our physicians led by our Chief Medical Officer and Medical Executive Committee, work closely to help our patients. The relationship between our physicians and our clinicians is paramount to our success, and it is this collaboration that helps us improve our outcomes.

The Sister Emmanuel Hospital team provides some services directly while others are provided via contract. By working with the larger medical center, we are able to provide expanded services.